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Character Advancement

• All characters gain max hit points
• Critical hits multiply all damage dealt unless specifically noted otherwise
• At 7th level, you gain two feats
• Leadership costs two feats

Attribute Enhancements
• Level 4: +1 to two attributes
• Level 8: +1 to two attributes
• Level 11: +1 to all attributes
• Level 14: +1 to two attributes
• Level 18: +1 to two attributes
• Level 21: +1 to all attributes

Damage for Throwing Living Creatures at other Living Creatures__
• Less Than Small Size: One eighth the damage taken by the thrown creature in non lethal damage
• Small Size: One fourth the damage taken by the thrown creature
• Medium Size: Half the damage taken by the thrown creature
• Large Size: Same as the damage taken by the thrown creature
• Huge Size: Twice the damage taken by the thrown creature
• Gargantuan Size: Four times the damage taken by the thrown creature

• You die at negative half of your hit points (with a minimum of -9). All other rules applying to death, stabilizing, etc… stand as is.

• Your Con or Wis mod is the maximum amount of times that you may be resurrected.
• In addition to whatever costs the resurrection has, the caster or the target must also pay 250 exp per level of the target.
• If you ready an action, you cannot take another action before the readied action and still complete your readied action.

Experience points will not be the bonus awarded to players for alternative awards outside of just playing the game itself. Instead ABA points will be awarded that can then be spent on in game advantages.

Gaining/Losing ABA Points
Earn ABA
• Consistent/Good Role Playing: 1 point
• Exceptional Role Playing: 2 points
• Completing a story arc: 2 points
• Changing the world: 4 points
• Posting basic character journal: 1 point per game
• Posting in depth character journal: 2 points per game

ABA Rewards
• Bonus Feat: 15 points (capped at 5)
• Bonus Epic Feat: 20 points (capped at 2)
• +1 Attribute: 5 points (capped at 5 per stat)
• Additional Swift Action Slot (stacks): 10 points (capped at 1)
• Additional Immediate Action Slot (stacks): 15 points (capped at 1)
• Additional Full Round Action: 5 points (any time)
• Reroll 1/day: 15 points (capped at 2)
• Reroll any roll: 3 points (Once per session)
• Make Any Skill A Class Skill: 4 points (capped at 3)
• Special Gift From The Gods: 50 points (capped at 1)

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